July 2021 UPDATE

It's been an absolute career highlight to be involved in Alexander Park Diggers Rest and start with a piece of farmland and be instrumentally involved in turning it into what it is today.

The very first time I took my eldest son there and I told him it would be a housing estate one day, he looked at me with a concerned look on his face and said, 'What will they do with all the cows?' My real estate business started with farmland and created the branding, the marketing and this website. We had a very successful launch selling around 50 blocks in just over 3 months from launching the project. By mutual agreement, the developer and ourselves have decided to go in different directions. As a result, we will no longer represent this estate, and we will have nothing more for sale through this website. I'd like to thank all of our buyers who stuck it out when it looked like it would never happen; your respectful patience is to be admired. Unfortunately, there were circumstances beyond our control that delayed the project. I certainly did my best to push things along. I stuck with this project for almost 5 years to bring it to fruition for you all. I sincerely appreciate every one of you for the generous, positive spirit and belief that you all displayed to my team and me at all times. We are pleased that every single one of our buyers settled on their land. It's the end of a long, challenging, rewarding journey for me and my real estate business and new beginnings for you all. We wish every one of you the happiest of times in your new home. Thank you to everyone, the consultants, contractors, developer and owner who was a part of this magnificent journey; you have all been amazing. With much respect, yours faithfully. Scott Banks Scott Banks Real Estate Group Level 1 459 Toorak Road Toorak 3142

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