HomeBuilders Grant UPDATE

The State Revenue Office Victoria is now accepting applications for the Commonwealth HomeBuilder Grant.

For further information on eligibility and the application process, please refer to the HomeBuilder guidelines and application form available on the State Revenue Office Victoria website.

To provide certainty and confidence to Victorian HomeBuilder participants, the construction commencement time frame will be extended to *six months given the unique COVID-19 restrictions throughout the state. For further information see the HomeBuilder Grant Guidelines.

*Three month extension for construction commencement in Victoria

In light of the introduction of Stage 4 restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne (effective from 2 August 2020) and Stage 3 restrictions in regional Victoria (effective from 5 August 2020), the Commissioner of State Revenue will exercise his discretion under the National Partnership Agreement to provide a blanket extension of 3 months to the construction commencement requirement for the HomeBuilder Grant. This means that all applicants for the HomeBuilder Grant in Victoria have 6 months from the signing of the eligible HomeBuilder contract, to commence construction. The Commissioner does not have discretion to grant any extensions beyond this additional 3 month extension.

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