August 2020 UPDATE

Stage 1 Alexander Park construction is now complete. See photo below.

Titles are still expected to be released next month on schedule as planned.

Stage 1 Alexander Park Diggers Rest - August 2020

Stages 2,3 & 4 are progressing very well, the civil contractors have advised they are still running ahead of schedule. The good news is they have continued to progress very well as the weather has been kind. 

Main sewer and water are now in the ground for stages 2,3 &4. They have now started to form the roads. Once this is complete they will proceed with electrical services & other services required for each lot.

Stage 2 if progress is maintained at the current rate, construction will most likely be completed well prior to the end of the year, with a slim chance of titles before Christmas.

Stage 3 & 4 are looking likely to title early in the new year.

A monthly update will be maintained between now and settlement so you have plenty of time to make your necessary funding and building arrangements.

Good News! HomeBuilders Grant construction commencement date extended to 6 months

To be eligible for the HomeBuilders Grant you need to sign a building contract prior to the 31st of December this year and your builder needs to commence construction within 6 months of you signing the building contract. There is now a very strong possibility HomeBuilders Grant will be available for stages 1-4.

Main Entrance to Alexander Park - Licence Road Diggers Rest - August 2020

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