The History of Alexander Park...

Community and family lay in the foundations of Alexander Park.

Who was Alexander? 


Alexandros Dacakis Lloyd was a much-loved member of the Sunbury / Diggers Rest Community.


Born 1915 in Ziros, Crete and migrating to Melbourne in 1939, he spent most of his life up until the age of 85 working his farm, part of which today forms Alexander Park and the other part now Bloomdale.


He was instrumental in helping grow the thriving Sunbury community to that we see today.

With his wife Mary by his side, the two became pioneers of modern Sunbury. From dairy farmer to selling fruit and vegetables, Alex and Mary worked tirelessly to help transform what was then dirt roads in Sunbury, to the thriving shops along O'Shannassy Street. The hard-working migrant couple soon became integral members of Australian society, where they were major benefactors to many organisations.


They helped fund the first Sunbury swimming pool and supported many events organised by the Sunbury Lions Club. Their vision in life was to create opportunities that would support their family and larger Sunbury and Greek community, helping people find work and establish themselves.

From their humble farming beginnings, Alex and Mary dedicated their whole lives tirelessly contributing and helping grow the Sunbury community into what it is today. They had the same vision for Diggers Rest – to transform it into a community and family focused suburb.


Their vision for Diggers Rest lives on.